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“During his time at IMIDeology, Joe has not only been a visionary in strategy, product development, and operations but also a compassionate leader deeply committed to making a positive impact. His dedication to our mission is evident through his extensive volunteer work and tireless efforts to enhance our community's well-being. Joe’s innovative approach to our strategic direction significantly broadens our market presence and refines our product offerings, ensuring they resonate deeply with our clients' needs. Beyond his professional contributions, Joe is instrumental in developing our brand's voice, through thoughtfully crafted marketing copy, dynamic social media outreach, and engaging blogs and newsletters. He skillfully builds and maintains our website and corporate intranet, laying down the infrastructure that streamlines our operations and solidifies our institutional knowledge. His passion for our cause shines brightly in every project, from advertising experiments that broaden our reach to strategic brainstorming sessions that fuel our growth. Joe’s blend of strategic acumen, creative prowess, and heartfelt dedication continues to be invaluable to our team and the communities we serve.


“Joe was indispensable to Nova’s growth and showed remarkable development throughout his time at the company. He was our first hire and successfully built a solutions architect team from scratch to scale a deeply technical workflow configuration system for our core product. Beyond that, he led many of our most important initiatives across account management, operations, finance, and IT to ensure the company continually updated its corporate infrastructure as we grew. Along the journey, he quickly learned deeply technical concepts and tools (e.g. using the terminal, basic markup languages, configuration systems). This technical foundation helped him drive a culture of innovation that helped us stay at the top of our game till acquisition.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Joe for all his hard work over the last three years. I met Joe back in 2006 when he was working at my very first client. I was starting up my business and Joe was a rising star at the firm. Joe has always been very passionate about his work and the firm he works for. His energy seems to be endless with meticulous attention to detail. Joe always has the client and investors in mind. Joe is a great example of all our core values. In late 2017, the firm was experiencing some significant growth and we needed to redesign our client onboarding process. When we were looking at the job description, I quickly knew that Joe was the perfect person for the job. When I approached Joe with the opportunity, he was flattered and excited to come work at the firm. Joe excelled right away building out a robust client onboarding experience. He was also tasked with some of our biggest firm initiatives at the firm like building the Philippines team, advising on Nova and ultimately building out the CRM team. Joe – thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the firm over the years. Best of luck on your new endeavor!

“I previously worked with Joe at MG Stover. During our tenure together, Joe proved himself to be an exemplary colleague, peer and professional. Joe was highly regarded throughout the organization and amongst our clients, and as a result, was someone that everyone enjoyed working with. I personally called upon Joe to assist with a myriad of matters, some of which were even outside of his area of expertise. In all cases, Joe rose to the occasion and proved himself to be a valuable asset. I cannot say enough kind things about Joe, as both a colleague and a friend.

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